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Residential Site Development

We specialize in building house pads, from removing expansive clays to excavating the hardest rock.


We have excavated house pads throughout the Tucson area and in Phoenix. Our quality workmanship is spread throughout many exclusive developments such as Stone Canyon, Canyon Pass, Pima Canyon, Sin Vacas, Coyote Creek, Starr Pass, Tucson Mountain Reserve, Madera Canyon, Honeybee Canyon, Rio Verde, Scottsdale, and Clearwater Hills.



Complete Septic Systems

All Your Septic Needs



Perc Tests & Design

Alternative Septic Systems Installed

Sewer Treatment Systems Installed

Traditional rock leaching fields or chamber leaching fields

System Repair






Commercial Site Development

We provide a complete site development package, including Earthwork, Utilities, Paving, Rip-Rap, and Curbing.

Here are samples of our completed Commercial projects:

In & Out, Arizona Pavillons

Goldstar Pumping

Affordable Fence and Gates

Other Services

A Full Service Excavation Company

Commercial Site Development

Residential house pads

Material Hauling

Complete Septic System Install

Utility Trenching & Installation


Digging for footings

Over-excavate building pads

Pool demo and backfill

Site Clearing

Final Grading

Driveway Grading

Building Demolition

Asphalt or Concrete Demolition

Rough Plumbing Trenching

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